Top Golden Rules of Business Branding

Developing a strong brand can be the secret to achieving lasting success in business, so if you’re not happy with your company’s image, now’s the time to take action. To help you, here are three of the golden rules of effective branding.

Get to know your target market

In its initial stages, branding involves working backwards. You need to make sure you have a clear understanding of who your potential customers are and what appeals to them. From this point, you can start to develop a persona for your business that you know will appeal to your target audience. Marketing experts Appco UKhighlight this fact on a blog featured on their website. They state that it’s important to get to know the needs, desires and shopping habits of prospective customers when developing a brand. Appco Group point out that conducting marketing research, for example running surveys and focus groups, can help you to create accurate customer profiles that feed into your marketing decisions.

Create a compelling narrative

It’s important to understand that creating a brand is about much more than simply coming up with a catchy slogan and designing an attractive logo. If you really want to get people’s attention, you need to tell a compelling story that encapsulates the essence of your business. This means deciding on the core message you want to convey to your customers and ensuring that this is reflected in all of your marketing material and campaigns. For example, you might want to emphasise your ethical and green credentials, or maybe you’re focussed on offering better customer service than your competitors. Basing your brand message on a central point like this will help to ensure you have a strong identity that consumers understand.

Keep your standards high at all times

Building a positive image as a company takes time and effort. Unfortunately, it’s much quicker and easier to damage your reputation. Just one mistake or example of poor customer service can do significant harm to customers’ perceptions of your business. Commenting on this issue, Appco note that it’s crucial to have strict quality-control procedures in place at all times and to ensure that everyone working for or representing your organisation understands the importance of their actions. By making the effort to provide people with a positive experience each time they deal with your business, you can help to safeguard your brand now and into the future.


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